“Winter Musings #3”: A Long Way

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Hello All!

Thanks for coming back and taking a look at this week’s blog! We are in deep of what we consider the initial stages of the work we have to do this winter, and as mentioned in previous posts, we have A LOT more to do than normal.

Besides the normal repairs, upgrades, complete paint job, etc, we have to give the Pride a whole new roof, new bathrooms, new sewage tanks, new carpeting, as well as completely sand blast the paint and primer off the entire hull.

This, plus all the other smaller, and too-many-to-mention items, means we have a lot of work to do! But fear not. It will just improve this already-wonderful vessel, and be ready for launch again in May!

Below are some photos of the Pride currently. It is actually jacked up so workers can get underneath to work and sandblast, as well as repair parts of the hull. It is enclosed so it is protected from the weather and then heated.

Blog 3 Photos 6

Blog 3 Photos 1

Blog 3 Photos 2

Blog 3 Photos 3

Blog 3 Photos 4

Blog 3 Photos 5


As you can see, we have much to do! And we can only continue to do it with YOUR support!

You can help out in a few ways:

Thanks again for your continued support, and stay tuned for next week!

Andrew Ponti
Executive Director
Harrisburg Area Riverboat Society
Pride of the Susquehanna

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