Sailing Calendar

2018 Event Calendar

We are still putting together our calendar for 2018.  We appreciate your interest, and we hope to have the dates, prices, and themes settled early in the year.  Please check back often for updates or call our office for more information.

We thank you for your patience while we finalize dates and begin to update our calendar and website for our 30th Anniversary season!

Educational Events


Dinner Cruises

EventCalendarShots-BeerDinner EventCalendarShots-Crabs EventCalendarShots-Classic EventCalendarShots-Foliaeg  EventCalendarShots-Fireworks EventCalendarShots-Mothers EventCalendarShots-MM EventCalendarShots-Thanksgiving EventCalendarShots-Wings,jpg

Live Entertainment Events

EventCalendarShots-Dark EventCalendarShots-Blues EventCalendarShots-Jazz EventCalendarShots-Rock EventCalendarShots-Soundwaves

Family Events

EventCalendarShots-Pirates EventCalendarShots-Princesses EventCalendarShots-Sunday EventCalendarShots-Sunday

Samplings and Grown-Up Fun

EventCalendarShots-BeerDinner2 EventCalendarShots-Brews  EventCalendarShots-Wine